1/28/18 Board Meeting Notes

Board members present:  Doug Kingston KD7DK, President;  Don Abeles W7UUL, License Trustee; Tim Helming WT1IM, Vice President;  L.. W. Abel  K7LWA (Board slot 3);  Theresa McLaird  KG7AII (Board slot 2),  Jack Wolfe KI7RMU (Board slot 4). Also present: Elaine Bradtke KG7CME, outgoing acting Secretary (Board slot 2) and Jim Long K7PDZ, outgoing Treasurer.

  1. Meeting called to order at 15:35.
  2. Reappoint Trustee – Don Abeles unanamously reappointed.
  3. Appoint Treasurer – Doug Kingston moved that Theresa McLaird be appointed Treasurer, LW seconded – all approved.
  4. Appoint Secretary – Doug Kingston moved that Jack Wolfe be appointed Secretary, Don seconded, all approved.
  5. Doug moved that we change the bank signatories at BECU to include president Doug Kingston, vice president, Tim Helming and new treasurer Theresa McLaird, and remove Jim Long.  L.W. Abel seconded, all approved.
  6. L. W. requested feedback on net management. Would like to share net control calendar publicly.
  7. Adjourned at: 16:00.
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