1/28/2018 Annual Meeting Notes

Board members present: Jim Long K7PDZ, Treasurer; Doug Kingston KD7DK, President;  Elaine Bradtke KG7CME, acting Secretary (Board slot 2); Don Abeles W7UUL, License Trustee; Tim Helming WT1IM, Vice President;  L.W. Abel  K7LWA (Board slot 3);  Bill Thomassen N6NBN (Board slot 1)

  1. Meeting called to order at 13:05.
  2. Welcome and safety briefing from Mark Sheppard (N7LYE).
  3. Remembering silent keys: Mike Maloy (KF7DTI); Michael Hall (KJ7WC); Pat Shiners (W7GTO).
  4. Doug Kingston reviewed events and activities of 2017, and upcoming events for 2018.
  5. Jim Long gave treasurer’s report. At ⅔ through the fiscal year, good income, and we’re doing well.
  6. Bylaws change no. 1 as presented in the documents circulated to membership (By-laws marked DRAFT December 16 2017):  Change Secretary-Treasurer to appointed role(s)  from among the elected board members, excluding President and Vice-President.  Passed unanimously.
  7. Bylaws change no. 2 : Strike Article VII (Control Operators). This was passed unanimously.
  8. Election of Board members – Doug Kingston re-elected President, unopposed.
    Board position #2, Theresa McLaird KG7AII and board position #4 (formerly Secretary/Treasurer position), Jack Wolfe KI7RMU were elected unopposed.
  9. Adjourned at: 14:00
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