10/10/15 Board Meeting Notes

Puget Sound Repeater Group Board Of Directors
October 10, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Position #1 Board Member Jon KL7GT at 13:02. Four board members and 12 visitors were in attendance.

Minutes of the August 8th meeting were approved as read, followed by the Treasurer’s Report from Glenn K7GLE, who noted that the payment for the new Yaesu DR-1X repeater had not yet cleared the bank, and that we have received a $32 payment from Cafe Press, the company that sells the items such as t-shirts and coffee cups from the PSRG Store page on the PSRG website.

During the Technical Committee report, Cory NQ1E led a discussion of recent reports of interference, including the use of the club’s direction-finding equipment, which has been successful in locating interference sources in the past. License Trustee Don K7UUL was asked to follow up on this.

Cory reported under Unfinished Business that he is continuing to work on the database to track memberships necessitated by our complicated membership renewal criteria.

Under further Unfinished Business, Jon reminded the Board that it agreed at August’s meeting that we would ask for volunteers for a committee to review and make recommendations about the quorum requirements at General Membership meetings. This is important for general governance purposes such as voting for Board members and making changes to the By-Laws, but also because the outcome will provide direction about how to proceed with the underlying intent to qualify for IRS 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. Since no volunteers have been forthcoming in the following two months, he volunteered to chair the committee and solicit members. Cory volunteered to help. Anyone interested in joining in this effort, which is expected to be relatively short, should contact Glenn at K7GLE@ARRL.NET.

Under New Business, the Board discussed where to locate the new Yaesu DR-1X repeater when it arrives. The question was referred to the Technical Committee.

Under further New Business, Glenn noted that it was about time to begin thinking about dates and locations for the annual PSRG Dinner and the General Membership Meeting. The Board tentatively agreed on Saturday January 9th for the Dinner and Sunday January 24th for the General Membership meeting. The Ballard Bridge Cafe was discussed as a potential location for the Dinner. Glenn agreed to forward this information to Vice-President Doug KD7DK, whose responsibilities include activity coordination.

The next meeting was set for Saturday, November 14th, at the Salmon Bay Cafe, and was adjourned at 13:50.

Submitted by Secretary Treasurer Glenn K7GLE.

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