11/14/15 Board Meeting Notes


Puget Sound Repeater Group Board of Directors Meeting

November 14, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Joel KD7QKK at 1:03 pm.

Introductions were made, with 15 present.

Minutes from the October meeting were read by Doug, KD7DK and approved. Treasury report summary also read by Doug.

Jon KL7GT reported that the Special Quorum Committee has not yet met yet but will before the next meeting, so expect a report then.

Year end events will be the Annual Dinner, scheduled for Saturday January 9th, and the General Membership meeting, scheduled for Sunday January 24th. Doug has not yet been able to contact the owner of the Ballard Bridge Cafe for dinner plans but will keep trying.

Under New Business, Doug stated the current membership page on our website is not working, said Cory is trying to enable it. Meanwhile folks wishing to become members or wanting to contact he board should use regular mail or email.

Under further new business, there was a discussion on where to put the new Yaesu repeater. Don W7UUL suggested it go to our Beacon Hill backup site so we don’t have to order another antenna and duplexer. We could then move the current Kenwood backup repeater to the school for a quick replacement for the Motorola main repeater if needed. We could then experiment with the digital side of the new Yaesu repeater, which could be used for digital in and analog out so everyone could listen in. Also brought up was having the Kenwood as a portable repeater and Barry noted that we’d have to haul around a big set of duplexers if we did that.

A motion was made by Doug, unanimously approved, that the Yaesu repeater will be installed at Beacon Hill site and the Kenwood moved to a third location to keep it safe in case of emergency. This was referred to the Technical Committee for action.

Don inquired about our group agreeing on an alternate repeater that everyone could switch to in case of a total incapacitation of our equipment, and several were mentioned. Joel and/or the Tech committee will inquire to the other owners for advance permission and protocols to do that. A motion adopted to move forward with this, referred to as a Mutual Aid site.

The next meeting was scheduled for December 12th, noting that since this is also the ACS lunch/meeting, our meeting will start at 2 pm, which means we’ll need to be efficient so as to be mindful of the Salmon Bay’s 3 p.m. closing time. Members still could of course come for lunch at 1 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 13:54 hours

Submitted by Don, W7UUL

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