2020 Annual Meeting

The PSRG Annual Meeting was a great success! It was well attended and we had a fascinating and mind-blowing presentation by Quentin Caudron on Fractal Antennas.

Update: Copies of his slides can be found here.

Theresa McLaird KG7AII gave her final Treasurer’s Report that PSRG is financially healthy. A copy of the Treasurer’s Report is included with the President’s Report slides.

President Doug Kingston reported on the two major projects accomplished during the last year–slides from Doug’s President’s Presentation are posted here.

Doug Kingston was unanimously re-elected to the position of President and Quentin Cauldron and Allison Dalton were unanimously elected to Board Slots #2 and #4, respectively. At the board meeting following the Annual Meeting, Quentin was appointed Secretary and Allison was appointed Treasurer.

PSRG thanks Theresa McLaird and Jack Wolfe, KI7RMU for their 2 years of service as the Treasurer and Secretary. They both did a great job and have offered to help the new officers get up to speed.


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