2/27/16 Board Meeting Notes

Meeting Minutes, Approved – February 27, 2016 | 1:00PM | Salmon Bay Café

Meeting was called to order at 1:00pm by Doug, KD7DK, the Group’s President.
Doug welcomed all attendees and asked for quick Introductions.

Minutes from the December 2015 meeting were read by Aaron, K8AMH. Motion to accept as read was made by Don, W7UUL, and seconded by Elaine, KG7CME. With all Board members in favor, the minutes were accepted.

Aaron reviewed the Treasurer’s Report and described how QuickBooks provides details on the Group’s financials broken down by different income and expense accounts. Don moved to accept the report, and after being seconded by Tyler, AF7BO, all Board members were in favor and the report was accepted. Doug, Aaron and all others at the meeting thanked Glenn, K7GLE, for his contributions over the years as the Group’s Secretary-Treasurer and for helping make the transition to Aaron a smooth experience.

Under old business, Aaron discussed next steps for working towards receiving the 501(c)(3) determination from the IRS which mainly includes authoring clear documentation of the Group’s plans and how they work towards our new purpose. A working group was formed with Aaron leading the group, as well as Elaine and Jon, KL7GT, to have this prepared before the next Board meeting.

Also discussed was the need for monthly Board meeting which was originally discussed in December. Doug proposed switching our meeting schedule to generally be every other month, and during off-months continue to meet at the Salmon Bay Café to provide an opportunity for PSRG Members and other amateur radio operators to share knowledge and help others learn about different aspects of amateur radio. The Board was in full agreement and will take this approach going forward.

Under new business, Doug nominated Don to continue as our License Trustee and Jon seconded. The motion passed with all Board members in favor.

A Finance Committee was formed with Aaron automatically on the committee per the Bylaws. Doug moved that he also sit on the committee and Tyler seconded. All Board members were in favor and the motion passed.

A Technical Committee was also formed. Aaron moved that he, Cory, NQ1E, and CK, KG7AUL, form the committee, Tyler seconded and the motion passed with all Board members being in favor.

Cory provided a Technical Committee report in that the December issues we had with the internet node were due to water infiltrating the rack and shorting the power supply equipment. This was addressed and the internet node brought online within a few weeks.
Aaron mentioned the need for an operating budget when we enter the Group’s next tax year which begins on May 1st, which the Finance Committee will develop. Also discussed was the need for an expense policy that covers the types of expenses the Group will cover and how to report expenses. Aaron provided a draft Expense Policy and the Board will review for its next meeting.

Also mentioned was a deposit from Cafepress but that Aaron needed additional details about it. Barry, K7PAL, mentioned that Bruce, KC7IAY, had set up the Cafepress account, and Glenn will work with Aaron to gain access to the Group’s account.

A need for an up-to-date assets list was brought up by Aaron to ensure we have documentation about the group’s equipment, and Doug reinforced we should also track who has the equipment should it be lent out or stored at someone’s home. Aaron and Barry will work on updating the list. Jon asked if the initial value of equipment needs to exceed $500 before it needs to be depreciated, and Aaron will research.

There is also a need to update the Monday night PSRG Weekly Net script to remove references to the PSRG as a club and going forward refer to the PSRG as a group. Aaron will follow up with the net hosts. Marco, W7RJT, will check the website for these references as well and update.

Doug discussed Field Day and that he is willing to chair its committee. He asked if anyone would like to co-chair but no one expressed interest. One person will run the CW station, another GOTA station. Doug will provide an HF radio, Jim his own radio for CW. We will set up antennas using the same technique as WARC’s method. It will be held at its usual location at South Seattle College and will have City of Seattle support. Tyler motioned for an initial budget authorization of $300 and Jon seconded which passed with all Board members in favor. Food ideas were discussed and Don suggested separate tents, one for food and socializing, the other for radio operations.

Aaron discussed email procedures, in that using @psrg.org email addresses, whether actual inboxes or forwarding addresses, can help the Group show a more professional image when working with others, such as for grants. The Technical Committee will research how we should approach and will keep Doug updated on progress.
Membership sign-up was also discussed given the online contact form remains offline due to junk submission issues. The Technical Committee will look into this as well and once a plan is ready will update the Board with the new process.

Tyler asked about new control stations, which are appointed by the License Trustee. No changes were made, meaning the current list on the PSRG website remains up-to-date.
Doug proposed the next Board meeting be held on Saturday, April 2nd at 1:00pm at the Salmon Bay Café, and the educational gathering for March 12. Doug mentioned he has a service monitor and could use this to demonstrate how to look at spectral purities of handheld radios. Tyler moved to accept Doug’s proposal, Aaron seconded, and the motion passed with all Board members in favor.

With no other business before the Board, Aaron moved to adjourn, Elaine seconded, and the Board unanimously agreed.

Submitted by Secretary-Treasurer Aaron Hulett, K8AMH
Approved at April 2, 2016 Board Meeting

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