4/21/18 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2018  |  1:30 PM  |  Salmon Bay Café, Seattle WA

Board members in attendance: Doug KD7DK / Bill N6NBN / Jack KI7RMU / Don W7UUL / Tim WT1IM / Theresa KG7AII

  1. Meeting called to order at 1339 hours.
  2. Doug read the minutes from the 12-9-17 & 2-10-18 board meetings. Don made a motion to approve. Seconded by Bill & approved by all.
  3. Updating the WW7PSR FCC ULS listing needs to be done by USPS mail. Doug will follow up on this.
  4. Doug discussed the voting system budget & showcased a voting module and explained the basic functions and how it’s to be implemented. Direct funding from donations while not depleting current treasury reserves is the preferred method proposed. $2400 is the upper range proposed to cover costs. Three of five sites are chosen for voter placement: Beacon Hill (installed), Lake Forest Park & Queen Anne. Two additional sites proposed are the on the east side (possibly in conjunction with Lake Washington ham Club) and possibly Sea-Tac.
  5. Doug made a motion to fund the project at the $2400 level. Seconded by Bill & approved by all.
  6. Amazon Smile program implemented. Doug asked Tim to put this on the website.
  7. Picnic date set – July 14th at Magnolia Park which is the normal site.
  8. Educational meeting (May 12) topic suggestions. Board will discuss options and choose the topic via email.
  9. Field day preparations & leadership. PSRG will again work in conjunction with Mark Shepard and Seattle ACS. Doug is looking for an understudy to help him with running the event as well as potentially running one of the operating positions: VHF/UHF, digital/CW or GOTA (Get On The Air). The HF stations will be primarily Elecraft transceivers much like last year. The West Seattle Amateur Radio Club will also be participating again in an expanded capacity. The Solar Rover will be returning to provide power distribution for the event. Bill made a motion to approve the cost and Doug Seconded the motion. The board approved unanimously to fund it.
  10. Standing committee reports

       Technical committee

  1. Status of Echolink on PSRG. The normal node died unexpectedly. The Allstar node can do Echolink so that has been enabled. The audio levels have been adjusted and reports have been positive for the most part. Doug will continue to monitor and adjust as needed. Depending on how the voter system needs to be hooked up the IRLP node may have to be dropped to provide a second port.
  2. Status of IRLP on PSRG. As noted above the node is offline. This will be inspected on the next visit to the Queen Anne site.

Treasurers report

  1. The club insurance has been renewed. Donations have been coming in and acknowledgements will be sent accordingly. Theresa paid the $160 to cover the picnic site fee with Seattle Parks. Theresa will upload reports to Google Drive. Current account balances (checking & savings) are approximately $4500.
  2. Net manager update. Kirsten (N2BRN) will be the interim net manager while LW takes a leave of absence.
  3. Website update report (Tim WT1IM). Jason (KX3O) has set-up a Slack channel to communicate website update ideas and discussions. There will be a special net soon after the Monday 7:30 PM PSRG check-I net open to all for input on things they’d like to see on the site. Tim will solicit input via email for those who can’t or don’t participate on air. For new member acknowledgements from the website Tim will coordinate with Cory to streamline the process. Bill volunteered to be the person acknowledging new members with an email. The web committee, Tim, Rich, Jason & Theresa will report soon on this new initiative using Slack, a special net and email for input.
  4. Other business
  5. 1st contact acknowledgement with PSRG QSL card & ARRL 1st contact award. Jack will coordinate effort with Kirsten so she can distribute to net hosts. Jack will prototype instructions for net hosts. To maintain graphic consistency Tim will look at design ideas for a PSRG QSL card.
  6. David Holdsworth mentioned that he still has a few items he’d like to sell or donate. Joan mentioned she’d like the oscilloscope. He also had a few spectrum analyzers.
  7. Next educational meeting will be May 12, 2018 and the next board meeting will be June 9, 2018.
  8. Doug moved to adjourn meeting, Tim seconded and all approved. Meeting adjourned at 1443 hours.
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