4/2/16 Board Meeting Notes

Meeting Minutes, Approved – April 2nd, 2016 | 1:00PM | Salmon Bay Café

Meeting was called to order at 1:00pm by Doug, KD7DK, the Group’s President.

Doug welcomed all attendees and asked for quick Introductions.

Minutes from the February 27, 2016 meeting were read by Aaron, K8AMH. After one revision to clarify board meetings will generally be held every other month, Elaine, KG7CME, motioned to accept and seconded by Tyler, AF7BO. With all Board members in favor, the minutes were accepted.

Aaron reviewed the Treasurer’s Report which provided an update on our current balances and a high-level overview of March’s transactions.

Under old business, the Expense Reimbursement Policy was updated since the last Board meeting and sent to the Board for review. Elaine suggested changing the word ‘staff’ in the overview section and we agreed on revising to ‘board members and officers’. Tyler motioned to accept as amended and Elaine seconded. This was accepted with all Board members in favor.

Aaron provided an update on the Cafepress account, mentioning that he now has access to the account and has updated our financial records with transaction details. Aaron also provided an update regarding inventorying the group’s assets. We now have a list of assets completed with help from Barry, K7PAL, and Cory, NQ1E. Next, Aaron updated on 501(c)(3) efforts, indicating that once we finalize our plans around educational efforts we should be able to file our request with the IRS. The goal is to do this by the end of April.

Next we discussed email addresses for Board members and officers. Cory mentioned we can have as many forwarding addresses as we need, but only ten mailboxes. Doug and the Technical Committee will work to develop a list of forwarding addresses and necessary mailboxes and implement, including a webmaster@ address which will be directed to Marco, W7RJT. Once we receive our 501(c)(3) determination we can investigate additional mailboxes as our options will increase.

Regarding the membership sign-up process, it was decided to continue using our current processes wherein those wishing to join can contact the PSRG by email or postal mail, and Cory will update our records. The Technical Committee will set up a direct email address for those wishing to join and provide Marco with details to post on the website.

Under new business, the Technical Committee reported that annual maintenance on the backup batteries was completed, and that there is some additional work we could perform regarding our Allstar link node, and also procuring equipment to better monitor and control the repeater equipment, such as remotely addressable power switches and other upgrades to the power distribution setup. Cory requested $500 be reserved for these upgrades, and with Tyler making a motion and Elaine seconding, all Board members approved.

The Financial Committee met before the meeting and Doug expressed that he is happy with how things are going given financial documents are uploaded to Dropbox and are easy to review. The Financial Committee will work on a budget for the upcoming fiscal year to discuss at the next Board meeting.

The Field Day committee will hold a meeting in approximately two weeks to begin preparations. Doug has outlined volunteer positions available and is looking for people to sign up. Field Day is the weekend of June 25th and Doug plans to organize an antenna party a few weeks ahead of time, and also invite people to come ahead of time to learn more about the K3 receivers we’ll have so that participants do not need to learn during Field Day.

Next, we are looking for volunteers to help answer questions about amateur radio and the PSRG during Comm Academy, including how amateur radio is used for making contacts, experimenting, and emergency communications. Elaine mentioned that we had a display last year and we can investigate possibly reusing it. Aaron may have time to put together a brochure or flyer that we can pass out.

The Annual Picnic is coming up July 9th and Tyler is interested in feedback and suggestions on what we can do this year. Doug mentioned we had a testing session there one time and we could do so this year. Also, the PSRG needs some supplies, such as coals for the barbeque, coolers, and ice, and that the potluck style used in the past worked well. Note that alcohol, firearms, and fireworks are not allowed at the park.

The next Educational Forum will be next month on May 14th, 1:00pm, at the Salmon Bay Café. We encourage people to bring items to display and answer questions about, such as small computer projects and antennas.

Last, Aaron explained that while the Expense Reimbursement Policy provides that any final expenses must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the fiscal year, getting all requests in before the year ends makes closing out the year much easier. He asked that if possible, please submit final expenses before April 30th to help make closing the year’s books easier.

Doug proposed the next Board meeting be held on Saturday, June 18th at 1:00pm at the Salmon Bay Café. This is one week later than the regular schedule to help ensure we have quorum at the meeting.

With no other business before the Board, Doug adjourned the meeting at 2:16pm.

Submitted by Secretary-Treasurer Aaron Hulett, K8AMH

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