6/9/18 Board Meeting Minutes (draft)

Board Meeting Minutes (draft)

June 9, 2018  |  1:30 PM  |  Salmon Bay Café, Seattle WA


  1. Meeting called to order at 1:32 PM. Tim, WT1IM, facilitates meeting for Doug KD7DK. Board members present: Tim WT1IM, Theresa KG7AII, Bill N6NBN, Jack KI7RMU, Don W7UUL

Twenty-two in attendance including members, guests and board members.

  1. Approve last board meeting (4-21-2018) minutes. Bill N6NBN moved to approve minutes, seconded by Don and approved by all.
  2. Updating address change with organizations & businesses
  3. WW7PSR FCC ULS listing access – Doug has latest info so this is still in process.
  4. New member acknowledgements from website seems to be hit or miss. Jose, KI7WLU, said he received an email when he joined. Bill, N6NBN, did a test but did not receive an email.
  5. 1st contact acknowledgement with ARRL 1st contact award. Lots of positive feedback from new hams and net controllers.
  6. Field Day / voting system / technical committee update via Doug’s presidents report delivered via email:

I’d like to report that our fundraising effort for the voting system was a complete success we were oversubscribed by a considerable amount. I want to thank everybody who contributed to the effort. We will probably come back with an adjusted budget for the system at the next meeting that will use some of those funds but not all of them.


Field day (see addendum following conclusion of these minutes – JW)

I will forward separately a copy of the Field Day message I sent earlier and that is all going quite well. We are well prepared for Field Day and there will be further updates in the coming days.


There was a question about whether funding was required for the food that Todd will be doing. I spoke with Curt Black from the West Seattle amateur radio club and he was of the belief that would not be necessary and that West Seattle Amateur Radio Club would fund the necessary support for Todd and we would also encourage donations to defray costs. If that changes it would not be a number larger than a couple of hundred dollars if we want to make a budget allocation for that. In addition, as Field Day chairman I would like to request $200 authorization for incidental expenses we may incur in setting up the field day site.


Technical committee update

The repeater is basically healthy although the IRLP node is still not available we will probably fix that when we install the new voting system and hook IRLP in via the All-Star note that will happen later in the summer. With help from Barry, I have set up the interconnect for the Queen Anne repeater for the voting system and have been testing that at my house. We are within a few weeks of installing the satellite receiver in Lake Forest Park. One of the budget increase items will be a new antenna for the lake forest site that I did not originally include.


We are actively in discussions with other sites and organizations for additional receiver site locations for example one consideration is Bainbridge Island. We will have more information at a subsequent meeting or I may make an announcement at one of our nets. Doug KD7DK


Todd WA7FOX discussed the food plan and the new grill/smoker. Tim discussed defraying the food costs and made a motion to allocate $350 to the cause. Don seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

  1. PSRG Picnic – Picnic date set – July 14th at Magnolia Park. This will be a potluck with PSRG providing basics: Hamburgers, hot dogs and potato salad, plates & plastic ware. Contact Tim for volunteer details. Fat Salmon Swim happens on the same day. Picnic starts around noon to 1 PM. Todd will let us use his new grill / smoker. Discussion of allocating $150 to cover basics above. Don makes a motion to do so, Theresa seconds the motion and the it passes unanimously.
  2. Standing committee reports

Technical committee

  1. Status of Echolink / IRLP on PSRG. IRLP is down.
  2. Voting system
  3. technical progress update – Randy W3RWN reports that the Lake Forest Park site will have the Hamwan and receiver installed soon. Beacon is online.
  4. budget addendum (additional items acquired / required) – Doug will have an update on this when he returns.

Finance Committee (treasurer)

Theresa KG7AII reports that there is $6272.42 in the primary bank account and $2168 in savings.

  1. annual report – no update.
  2. 990-N filing – the site was down when Theresa tried to file this.
  3. report on fundraising – See Doug’s comments above.


  1. Net manager update Kirsten N2BRN: Everything is under control. Paul K7PJP & Moxie K7MOX are now permanent hosts. The Monday night 7:30 PM PSRG check-in script no longer needs to mention that we are looking for net control operators. Kirsten receives praise for her tireless work as interim net administrator. Rob, KC7FBN, mentions that he is looking for a replacement control operator for his Sunday afternoon 220 net as he is moving out of state.
  2. Website update report Tim WT1IM – Tim is seeking ideas and suggestions for the website update. Looking for input from LW as to updating / managing the fun blog. Jack, KI7RMU, suggests making the mailing list page a ‘social nets’ page detailing all the nets on the repeater with expanded descriptions.
  3. David Holdsworth, KJ7PW, thanks group volunteers for the help dismantling his ham shack in April.
  4. Next board meeting will be August 11th at Salmon Bay Café at 1:30 PM. Jack will be out of town and will need a substitute secretary to record minutes.
  5. Tim adjourned meeting at 2:16 PM.


Field Day Addendum via email:

Well, we are a little more than 2 weeks from Field Day and busy organizing many different items.  I am overdue to give everyone an update.


Schedule is to commence setup starting at 9am on Friday, June 22nd at the south field of South Seattle College.  We will spend most of the day assembling tents, setting up power connections, raising antenna poles and finally testing radios and antennas.  Fine tuning will happen on Saturday morning and the Field Day contest will commence at 11am on Saturday.


Mark Sheppard has been organizing Safety teams and intends to have the site fully staffed Friday night to Saturday morning.  He has also organized a team of safety officers who will oversee different work parties throughout the weekend.  Its really important the we put safety first throughout the event to keep our volunteers, our visitors and our equipment safe and undamaged.  If you see something you think may pose a risk to people or equipment, please point it out to those around you and then see that a safety officer is informed so we can help get the problem addressed.


Power plans


We will have the Solar Rover again this year.  In addition, we are asking those with solar panels and large batteries willing to loan them for Field Day, to bring them onsite by Saturday morning for us to set up for charging and allocated to one of the operating positions to help hold us when the Solar Rover gives out in the early morning.  For example I have 2 100w panels and a large battery that will be supporting one of the stations, but we’ll need more.  I you have a setup to contribute, please send me specifics of what you have.  Several people have indicated they have systems in the survey.  I would love to know more specifics.


Food and Drink and Social Space


We will be setting up a separate tent for socializing and where food and drink will be prepared/served.  This will help the GOTA and VHF stations have a better operating environment.  Todd (WA7FOX) with help from WSARC will be leading the food provisioning effort this year and Curt is working closely to help coordinate this will other planning.  Look for more information here soon, either from me, Curt or Todd.


Sign-ups for HF and VHF stations


I have created a spreadsheet (with open edit access) to let you all sign up for operating time at the various stations.  Please use the spreadsheet responsibly.  If you would like more than 1 or 2 slots please wait a couple of days before claiming more time to give others a chance to pick popular or accessible times.  If you are willing to work at night, their will be plenty of available time (and possibly better conditions!)




Things we are looking for…


I am still looking for a good trailer or other form of shelter for Station B.  It needs to be dry in the rain and have sufficient ventilation in the sun that we don’t cook the occupants.  It would be nice to have something a bit better that the pop-up we used last year.  Ideally something that provides shade.  Can anyone borrow a mobile home or camping trailer?  How about a large van?  Contact me directly if you have something that might work.


I would love to locate another Elecraft K3 to use for Station B.  Right now I have a KX3 with 100w power amp but its not the easiest of units to run even if it does have a clean signal.  Station A and the GOTA station already have K3s.


That’s all for this mail, though I am sure I have forgotten some things.  All are welcome to augment my posting here with additional information, particularly Mark, Curt, Todd, Wink, Tim and others helping with organization.












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