6/18/16 Board Meeting Notes

Meeting Minutes, Approved

June 18, 2016 | 1:00PM | Salmon Bay Café

Meeting was called to order at 1:07pm by Doug, KD7DK, the Group’s President.
Doug welcomed all attendees and asked for quick Introductions.
Minutes from the April 2, 2016 meeting were read by Aaron, K8AMH. Elaine, KG7CME, motioned to accept and seconded by Doug. With all Board members in favor, the minutes were accepted.
Aaron reviewed the Treasurer’s Report which provided an update on our current balances and a highlevel overview of April and May’s transactions. Doug mentioned that we have enough assets to cover incidents such as the repeater suffering lightning-related damage. Barry, K7PAL, mentioned that while there’s a lightning arrestor, it’s not grounded. Cory, NQ1E, from the technical committee should collaborate with Barry to get this addressed.
Under old business, Aaron stated that we are ready to file the appropriate form with the IRS to request 501(c)(3) determination. The cost is $400 and will be incurred in July. Elaine moved to approve the expense and to apply, Doug seconded, and all Board members voted in favor.
Elaine updated us on our table at Comm Academy. She put together a 3-panel display board to highlight some of our group’s programs and provide details about our repeater. We had 6 people join the PSRG during Comm Academy.
Tyler, AF7BO, was unable to attend the meeting; however, he emailed a picnic status update to Doug. Noon is the targeted start time, and Tyler asks that those bringing food and/or supplies to please let him know. We need people to bring chips, hot dog buns and similar items. A potluck would be great as well. With no feedback on requests for things to do, nothing additional has been planned. This includes no licensing asks; there will be no exam session at the picnic. Tyler also reminded us that alcohol and smoking are not permitted. Drones are also not permitted, and kites should not be brought as there are numerous trees at the picnic location.
After reading Tyler’s update, Doug proposed establishing a $100 budget for picnic supplies, such as food and dry ice. Aaron seconded, and all Board members voted in favor.
Next, Doug provided an update about Field Day. Assignments for various stations are set, and a few people offered to help with the VHF/UHF station but Doug is looking for others to jump in. We will have solar panels and plan on running solely on banked power during the event, but will use a generator should this power run out. This Northwest Solar Rover is being provided to us by Puget Sound Solar, and Doug will send Aaron documentation showing the $280 value so that we can account for it as a donated service.
Under new business, there was no update from the Technical Committee. The Financial Committee met the day before this meeting and reviewed financial materials. Outside of the treasurer’s report provided earlier, and the annual budget discussion later in the meeting agenda, there are no further details to provide.
Regarding the PSRG Monday Night Net, Doug mentioned net control coverage has been spotty as some people have forgotten. Aaron will reach out to the net hosts to discuss.
At the previous Board meeting we discussed the online membership form and decided we would keep it offline for the time being. On May 27, we received feedback regarding the fact we did not have an online membership form, and after Doug mentioned to Cory that a Google form may be a solution, Cory set up the form. Marco, W7RJT, asked who is responsible for following up on a membership request after someone completes the form. Aaron mentioned that the Technical Committee is responsible for now but we need a long-term solution. He prefers to wait until we receive the 501(c)(3) determination so that we can leverage donated solutions such as Salesforce, but recommended researching how we can streamline the process without too much investment using what we have available today while waiting on this. Aaron will discuss this with the Technical Committee.
For a PSRG brochure, Aaron started putting one together but needs help with the content and messaging. Elaine stepped up to help provide some of these details. Joan, KG8VO, suggested offering PSRG badges for members which would have their name, callsign, and the fact they’re a PSRG member on it. Aaron and Elaine will discuss this as well. Ashley, KI6GXN, mentioned that the website says making a donation means you become a member of the PSRG. This is not the case, and Marco will look for this content on the website and correct it.
The Financial Committee prepared an annual budget outlining expectations for donations and expenses.
We expect to receive about $2,100 in donations and incur about $2,300 in expenses. The one-time $400 IRS filing cost is what’s driving the higher-than-normal expense amount, and the Financial Committee does not have any concerns about the long-term financial outlook. Elaine moved to adopt the budget, and Don, W7UUL, seconded. All Board members voted in favor, and going forward Aaron will provide budget performance details when preparing future treasurer’s reports.
Finally, we discussed long-term planning for the group. Aaron is preparing an annual report where we will include goals for the current fiscal year and beyond. Doug encourages all Board members to talk with group members to learn what they would like us to do, and if anyone has ideas, comments or feedback, to please reach out to the Board. For example, Doug would like us to set up a communications van that we can use for Field Day, ACS events, and emergencies.
The next Board meeting be held on Saturday, August 13, 2016 at 1:00pm at the Salmon Bay Café.
With no other business before the Board, Doug adjourned the meeting at 2:19pm.
Submitted by Secretary-Treasurer Aaron Hulett, K8AMH

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