Field Day

June 23 and 24

Going back several years, Seattle ACS and Puget Sound Repeater Group (PSRG) have co-hosted an station for ARRL Field Day.

ARRL Field Day is the most popular amateur radio event held annually in the US and Canada. On the fourth weekend of June, more than 35,000 radio amateurs gather with their clubs, groups or simply with friends to operate from remote locations. Operations include HF SSB phone and CW; VHF-UHF; digital; a GOTA station (Get On The Air) to allow non-licensed visitors to transmit.

ACS, Puget and Sound Repeater Group will again be hosting a joint Field Day Event at South Seattle College (location). This year, we are joined by the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club. We will be on the field at the south end of the campus, adjacent to Olympic Hall.

The rough schedule of activity:
Friday June 22rd:
– 9am: Site preparation commences with arrival of trailers and other equipment. We assemble city-provided tents and other infrastructure, start setting up solar, etc.
– 5pm: Site preparation completed – testing and informal radio operation
Saturday June 23rd:
– 8am: Final site and equipment preparation
– 11am: Field day contest operations commence (for 24 hours)
– 7pm-ish: some sort of dinner break to be determined. Will probably include some potluck, some pizza, maybe a BBQ depending on volunteers
Sunday June 24th:
– 7am: Coffee, croissants, and danish run. Possibly other breakfast if organized.
– 11am: Contest operations cease. A brief rest while we organize teardown operations
– 11:30: Tear down operations commence
– 3pm-ish (possibly later) we finish teardown and retire to a local eatery for refreshing beverages and food.

If you would like to participate in Field Day, there are many roles over the 3 day period and we would love to see many of you join us, even if its only for a couple of hours. Please follow this link for the 2018 signup form: Signup Form

You should also subscribe to our mailing list at: Field Day Mailing List

Youth and non-Amateur Involvement

A major goal of Field Day is to expose the public to amateur radio and some of the many roles it can play. We are especially interested in getting youth and other interested people on the air at Field Day and will be operating a GOTA (Get On The Air) station with a mentor to let unlicensed (or recently licensed hams) get on HF (or VHF) and get a great exposure to ham radio. Please take this as an opportunity to expose your friends and family to our hobby in a welcoming and supportive environment.

We are very aware that the Pride Parade this same weekend. Luckily for us and you, this is a daytime event that occurs after the vast majority of setup has been completed. You can participate in both of these activities if you want to. We will need a core of support on site for Field Day on Saturday, but once the parade is complete, you will be free to come join the Field Day activities at SSC. Remember we will be fully active on the air until 11 am on Sunday, and we’ll need fresh operators in the night and early morning. So if you are supporting the parade, consider going home, eating, resting and joining use sometime later in the operating cycle. You’ll be able to indicate this in the survey form. Just remember, you can do both activities.

Check the weather and bring appropriate clothes, outerwear, hats, shoes etc.  It will get quite cool at night.
If you have safety vests and hard hats, please bring them.
Bring a flashlight if you will be there overnight.
You may want to bring a folding chair, but there will be some with the trailers.

Additional information on the ARRL Field Day page.

PSRG coordinator of our Field Day activities is Doug, KD7DK.