Torchlight Parade

Torchlight Parade

Seattle’s Torchlight Parade still needs ham radio operators. July 25, 2009, starting about 5pm. Contact: Pat Shinners, w7gto, 206-782-6978.

The Torchlight Parade is a SeaFair event. The parade is the largest parade in Seattle each year. The PSRG gives over primary use of the repeater system during this time for Torchlight use. This event is organized by a few amateurs who are affiliated with the Mike and Key Amateur Radio Club.

2009: Repeater will be used for Torchlight Parade on shared basis; KC7IAY will be net control

2008: Board approved on April 19, 2008 use of repeater for Torchlight Parade

2007: K7QMI acted as net control

2006: KC7IAY acted as net control

2005: This year, the new receiver package was borrowed for the use of the Torchlight Parade communications.