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You can also contact the board with administrative concerns by sending an email to:

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To contact us by postal mail, write to:

Puget Sound Repeater Group
PO Box 77448
Seattle, WA 98177-0448

Board Members

After the Annual Meeting elections on January 29, 2017

Position Call Sign Name Date Elected Term Length
President KD7DK Doug Kingston 2016-01-24 2 years
Vice President WT1IM Tim Helming 2017-01-29 2 years
Secretary/Treasurer K7PDZ Jim Long 2017-07-09 6 months¹
Board Slot 1 N6NBN Bill Thomassen 2017-01-29 2 years
Board Slot 2 KG7CME Elaine Bradtke 2016-01-24 2 years
Board Slot 3 K7LWA LW Abel 2017-01-29 2 years
License Trustee W7UUL Don Abeles n/a board appointed; no term
  1. K7PDZ was elected at the 2017 Picnic to fill out the unfinished portion of K8AMH’s term as Secretary treasurer after his resignation.

Other Positions

Position Call Sign Name
Technical Committee Chair NQ1E Cory Johnson
Control Operator N6NBN Bill Thomassen
Control Operator AF7BO Tyler Heinemann
Control Operator K7LWA LW Abel
Control Operator K7PAL Barry Palmore
Control Operator KD7DK Doug Kingston
Control Operator KG7AUL Costa “CK” Katsaniotis
Webmaster W7RJT Marco Deppe