PSRG Echolink/IRLP

IRLP Node Number 7774 (PSRG)/Echolink Node Number 447770 (44-PSR-0)

NEW!  Allstar Node Number 2462 (This is experimental, but you are welcome to use it). We’ve posted some instructions on using AllStar with a phone.

Below is a list of DTMF codes for use with Echo/IRLP.

Enter the 4 digit node number for IRLP and use 73 to disconnect when done.

Enter the # followed by the Echolink node number and also 73 to disconnect.

The Node will announce when connecting and disconnecting and other error messages such as if the node your calling is busy or you have a wrong node number.

Besides Echo/IRLP we have installed features for the members to use.  This includes a feature that plays back your recorded audio so one can check their audio quality and signal.  Key up, say “[your call] controlling” then enter digits 12 from your keypad and un-key. The repeater will say “ready” then key up and give a short transmission.  After you un-key the repeater will play back the received audio.  See more on the Wiki.

  There will be many question about the system and we encourage members to check out the Web sites below.  There you’ll find the node numbers of the Cities and Countries and other operational procedures.  And remember to pause between transmissions.

Current Status:
2017-05-28: IRLP/Echolink/Allstar operational