2/10/18 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes (Approved 4/21/18)

February 10, 2018  |  1:30 PM  |  Salmon Bay Cafe


Board members present:

Doug Kingston KD7DK (President) / Don Abeles W7UUL (License Trustee) / Tim Helming WT1IM (Vice President) / L. W. Abel K7LWA (Board Slot 3) / Theresa McLaird KG7AII (Board Slot 2) / Jack Wolfe KI7RMU (Board Slot 4) / Bill N6NBN (Board Slot 1)


  1. Meeting called to order at 1335 hours.
  2. Doug read and made a motion to approve the 1-28-18 AGM meeting minutes. Seconded by Tim. Approved by all.
  3. Doug read and made a motion to approve the 1-28-18 post AMG board meeting minutes. Seconded by Tim. Approved by all.
  4. 12-9-17 board meeting notes not available for approval – tabled until 4-21-18 board meeting.
  5. Treasurer report: P & L statement was uploaded to Team Drive. Bills are paid, accounts are in good standing and there is money in the account.
  6. Doug outlined some ideas for using funds for trainings and new projects.
  7. PO box is moving to Ballard Post Office. LW made a motion to adopt plan. All approved. Doug will handle the changeover.
  8. Doug made a motion to appoint Theresa to the finance committee. Seconded by Tim. Approved by all.
  9. David Holdsworth (KJ7PW) discussed items for sale in his ham shack as he is moving. Volunteers were enlisted post-meeting to help move equipment.
  10. March 17 educational meeting discussed however no topics were chosen. Hamwan and fldigi mentioned.
  11. Tech committee update: Beacon repeater swapped out. Various components of the voting system are being tested. New sites to expand the coverage area and co-location partners are being sought out. Randy is developing coverage maps to provide better saturation.
  12. Net admin report: LW said the 9 AM net host coverage is solid. The 9 PM net slots are shifting to new hosts and split/alternating host coverage. Actively looking for new hosts – this is a great way for new and experienced hams to get and keep their skills up. Looking to make Allstar available to more users. Reports Echolink station check-ins are on the increase.
  13. Website update: Tim’s report is short but there is a meeting of website committee members coming up. Rich (K7RCH) will update the webmaster position on the website with himself in place of Marco.
  14. Other business:
    1. Doug & Theresa will prepare a new annual report for the website.
    2. Boaters net info not on the website. Jack will contact Chuck (KC1S) & Chris (K7PAN) to get an official blurb that can be posted.
    3. Doug made a motion to move the April 14th board meeting to April 21st due to Comm Academy conflict. Approved by all.
  15. Doug made a motion to adjourn. LW seconded. Approved by all.
  16. Adjourned at 1430 hours.
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