Send Us Your Photos!

We have added a Photo Gallery page to the website. We are seeking photos of PSRG events beginning with 2018 Field Day, especially the Annual Dinner, Annual Meeting and 2018 Picnic. If you have photos to submit, email them (Note, if you have trouble sending them, email Rich for help.)

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1st Annual DMR Gathering

The 1st Annual DMR Gathering is being planned for Valley Camp (in North Bend, WA) the weekend of May 18/19, 2019.  This will bring together DMR repeater operators and users to share experience and learning about this technology.

This is being run in a similar fashion to the APRS Summer Gathering that has been held in the same location for many years.  More information is available at the links below and the is a link to the Signup Genius if you are interested in attending.

(Note this is not a PSRG event.  It is being organized by leadership of the PNW-DMR group –

More information is available at the DMR Gathering 2019 webpage and on the brochure and agenda and a more detailed Agenda (The agenda is still tentative.)

Signup link:



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2019 Annual Meeting President’s Presentation

Through an oversight, we missed posting President Doug’s presentation at the Annual Meeting. Here it is: 2019 President’s Report.  If you tried to view it before and were not able to open it, please try again.

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2019 Mike & Key Fountain Photo

Here is the group photo taken at the Mike & Key Swap Meet. Soon, I plan to create a photo album page to collect photos of all our events.

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PSRG Board Meeting

The next PSRG Board Meeting is on June 8, 2019 at 1:30 PM at the Salmon Bay Cafe, 5109 Shilshole Ave NW, Seattle. Your input to the discussions is always encouraged, although only board members will vote.

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PSRG Educational Meeting – Tentative topic: Field Day

The next PSRG Educational Meeting is Saturday May 11. As usual it will be held at the Salmon Bay Cafe in Ballard and starts at 1:30 PM. At the March 16 mini board meeting, we had a discussion of possibly merging the annual picnic with Field Day and expanding the activities. This was a preliminary discussion and may be discussed in more detail at the May Educational Meeting.

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PSRG Educational Meeting – Hands On With DMR

The next PSRG educational meeting is Saturday March 16th (1 week delay due to the Mike & Key Swap Meet). As usual it will be held at the Salmon Bay Cafe in Ballard and starts at 1:30 PM. Due to the February 9th board meeting that was canceled there will be a mini-board meeting first to conduct a few items of business.


Come and see DMR up-close with a quick review of what it is and then see it in action with live QSO’s. Local talk groups, world-wide contacts and time slots explained.

Have a DMR radio and need help with a code plug? We’ll have some great help available to load your radio with suggested talk groups and contacts.

Already up to speed with a radio that’s programmed? Head to the back tables for a round-robin discussion of tips & tricks to expand your knowledge.

And be sure to see the DMR page on the PSRG website, too as there are additional items to familiarize yourself with.


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PSRG Board Meeting

UPDATE: Canceled.

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A Great PSRG Annual Meeting!

The PSRG Annual Meeting was a great success! It was well attended and we had a very interesting talk by Bob Stephens AF9W.

The winner of the Anytone DMR HT door prize was David Smith KB7PSN, President of the Mike & Key ARC. (We better not see it for sale at the Swap Meet!)

Theresa McLaird K7AII reported in the Treasurer’s Report that PSRG is financially healthy.

President Doug Kingston reported on the two major projects accomplished during the last year–the Voter system and the DMR repeater.

Tim Helming WT1IM and Bill Thomassen W6NBN were unanimously reelected to their respective positions, and vacant position #3 was filled.

The meeting wound up with a great program on “An Introduction to DMR” by Bob Stephens AF9W. Update: Copies of his slides are now available at the link above.


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New PSRG DMR repeater operational! [Revised April 3]

Update: Talk Groups Revised. Added PS1 and PS2.  These are for EMCOMM/Public Service use only.  See PNW-DMR website for more details.

From Doug (KD7DK): With material help from Randy (W3RWN) and labor from Casey (AE7SL), the Puget Sound Repeater Group has installed its test DMR repeater at Capitol Park.  This repeater is linked to and carries the core PNW-DMR (Pacific NorthWest DMR Group) talkgroups.  Please visit their website* for more information on the PNW-DMR network, talkgroups, user technical guidelines, and operating best practices.

If you are going to operate DMR in this region, please join the PNW-DMR notification group so you can receive operational notifications and be informed of network changes.

Now the details so you can program your radios:  Our repeater is new so its not in the existing codeplugs which you can download from the PNW-DMR website.

RX 440.775 / TX 445.775 (+5.0)  Color code 2
Callsign WW7PSR
This is a dedicated narrowband (12.5KHz) channel.
DMR Digital transmissions only.

The following talkgroups are supported:

Time slot 1:
Seattle 1 (310477)
Wash 1  (3153)
Local 1  (3181)
PNW 1  (3187)
PS1 (3190)
Parrot (9998) – This is a playback test talkgroup.

Time slot 2:
Seattle 2 (310534)
Wash 2  (103153)
Local 2  (3166)
Tac 1  (8951)
Tac 2  (8952)
Tac 8 (8958)
PNW 2  (103187)
PNWR (31771)
PS2 (103190)
Audio Test (9999)

The equipment for this repeater is a Yaesu DR-1X operating at 20 watts into a modest gain antenna.  The digital modem is a Micro-Node Teensy-MMDVM connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 running MMDVM-Host and DMR-Gateway to interconnect to the PWN-DMR 2-slot gateway, known as Rex.  This is not the final configuration but one the group could launch quickly, and help us gain more information to inform our final equipment choices.

If you have not operated DMR before, please take some time to read some of the information for first time users  before keying up.

We have been really pleased with the initial coverage reports.  Please let us know how you find the coverage.  We are currently running 5 watts, but that was a configuration mistake and it will shortly be set to 20 watts which will probably be the final setting for the test repeater.  Send questions and observations to

*Also please note that PNW-DMR is in the process of moving their web presence to a new hosting site and that some of the URLs referenced above may change in the future.

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