PSRG Annual Meeting

Update: The PSRG Annual Meeting will be held Sunday January 27th from 1 PM to 4PM at the Seattle EOC . The speaker will be Bob Stephens AF9W on the topic “Introduction to DMR.” See the Annual Meeting Page for detailed information.

New! PSRG has received a donation of an AnyTone AT-D878UV GPS DMR handie-talkie which will be awarded as a door prize at the Annual Meeting. You need to be in attendance at the annual meeting to win.

The AnyTone AT-D878UV is a dual band analog FM and DMR (tier I and II) portable radio, it supports APRS, DMR Roaming and DPRS. This radio is designed for amateur radio. The radio has a value of $219 and was donated by an anonymous donor. It will, of course, work on the new PSRG DMR repeater. 

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