PSRG Educational Meeting – Hands On With DMR

The next PSRG educational meeting is Saturday March 16th (1 week delay due to the Mike & Key Swap Meet). As usual it will be held at the Salmon Bay Cafe in Ballard and starts at 1:30 PM. Due to the February 9th board meeting that was canceled there will be a mini-board meeting first to conduct a few items of business.


Come and see DMR up-close with a quick review of what it is and then see it in action with live QSO’s. Local talk groups, world-wide contacts and time slots explained.

Have a DMR radio and need help with a code plug? We’ll have some great help available to load your radio with suggested talk groups and contacts.

Already up to speed with a radio that’s programmed? Head to the back tables for a round-robin discussion of tips & tricks to expand your knowledge.

And be sure to see the DMR page on the PSRG website, too as there are additional items to familiarize yourself with.


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