Educational Meeting and Antenna Party 9/15/18

The September Educational Meeting date was held on September 15, at 1:30 PM at the Salmon Bay Cafe, 5109 Shilshole Ave NW, Seattle.

Part 1 featured Hannah Heyrich presenting a talk on disaster risk reduction. Her focus is in community and public outreach with the goal of helping to build safer and more resilient communities. She offered practical information you can use to be proactive in preparing for catastrophes. Update: Here is a link to Hannah’s slides.

Part 2 featured Jack, KI7RMU and Jacob KI7YAE, showing their portable solar power battery system used recently on Salt Spring Island on a two week camping adventure. This system can also be used for emergency power needs and is relatively inexpensive – about $200.

This part also covered the Anderson Power Pole system used to connect the system parts. Anderson Power Poles are a de facto standard for ham radio power connections.

Part 3 is an antenna party hosted at Sam KD7PWA & Dave’s KD7PWB’s shop which is about three blocks from the Salmon Bay Cafe. For new hams and old hands this was an exciting post-meeting time to build an antenna, build cables with Power Poles and to socialize.


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