About us

PSRG LogoThe Puget Sound Repeater Group is a non-profit organization that maintains and operates a 2-meter FM Amateur Radio repeater system in the Seattle area, serving primarily North Seattle, from about Downtown through Shoreline, and east to about Bothell (although we’ve had people use the repeater regularly from aarrlssc200s far away as Olympia and Everett). We currently have more than 200 members. The repeater is maintained by member volunteers for use by members and non-members alike. The repeater hosts several regular nets. Anyone with an Amateur license is welcome to use the repeater.

The PSRG Annual Meeting was held on Sunday January, 29th 2017. The membership elected

  • Tim Helming, WT1IM as Vice President
  • Bill Thomassen, N6NBN to board position #1.
  • LW Abel, K7LWA to board position #3.

Congratulations to them for offering to serve and their election. We are looking forward to working with them on the board in the coming year.

We also like to thank our departing board members: Tyler Heinemann, AF7BO; Jessica Phipps, KF7UHK; and Jon Newstrom, KL7GT for their service over the past 2 years.

Thanks to Bob Gudgel, K7IQ, for being the speaker and educating us about the use of solar power in Ham Radio.

See the 2017 Mike & Key group photo below!

Salmon Bay Cafe

The next PSRG Board meeting at the Salmon Bay Café will be held on Saturday, April 8th at 1pm. Members and visitors are encouraged to attend.

Read the Draft Board Meeting Notes from the last meetings.

The last PSRG Educational Gathering on 3/18 featured a slide show, which we added to the website due to popular demand. See Notes from Educational Gatherings.


Donations are currently not guaranteed to be tax deductible while we await final determination on 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.

From the Archives of PSRG some old handouts, user guides and our first filing for the clubs Non-Profit Corporation status.


Listen to KIRO radio’s interview about W7ACS and PSRG’s involvement with Field Day at South Seattle College


Puyallup Swapmeet PSRG Group Pictures

2017 36th Mike & Key Electronics Show & Flea Market (Photo by Michael Bradtke. Thanks!)

2016 Group Photo