Net Schedule

PSRG Net, Mondays, 19:30

About 19:30 net control takes announcements, questions, and comments, and accepts checkins from members and non-members alike.

Net control duties for this net are passed around between interested volunteers. If you are interested in running this net, all you need to do is get in touch with the current net control co-ordinator and find a date that hasn’t yet been filled. You should have a copy of the Script, listed below, to read as part of being a control operator.

The net script has changed as of 8-24-21. PDF format.

The Nine O’clock net, Each day, 09:00 & 21:00

Each day at 09:00 and 21:00 there’s a certain excitement in the air, as a number of die-hard PSRG members gather around their radios for the Nine O’clock net. Then the moment arrives,  “Time for Net!” The mystery that is the Nine O’clock net has begun. Subscribe to 90clock email list. These nets have been going on every day of the year for over 40 years, since approximately 1976.

The Noon Net, Daily

And now . . . the Noon Net has been added to the daily nets. Started by Jack KI7RMU as an informal net in November 2019, it has also evolved into a daily net. Come and join the fun and conversation! The Noon Net has now had over 500 sessions!

Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service, Mondays, 19:00

acsThe Seattle Auxiliary Communication Service meets on the air at 7:00PM local time each Monday. They discuss ACS business, take emergency traffic, and take checkins. The net usually lasts about 20 minutes.

Boaters’ Net at 7:47 AM Daily

Hosted By Chris K7PAN.

The Boaters’ Net started in 2006 with 17 members.  On any given day there are 20-30 check in’s. About 50-60 folks listen every day and during inclement weather over 150 listen in. A number of members check in via Echolink if they are out of the repeater’s range. The net geography goes from Yelm in the south to San Juan Island in the north.

The Net moved to the PSRG repeater from the Gold Mountain repeater around 2012.

Come on by and let Chris know what your weather guesser says!

Weekly Simplex Voice Net

Weekly Simplex Voice Net Every Saturday on 146.550 MHz! The Weekly Simplex Voice Net happens Every Saturday night at 8 PM. The usual hosts are Dan (KB7RYY) and Amy (KB9IQX). Drop by and say hello!

Other Nets

There are many other nets available on various repeaters around the area. For the most comprehensive list, check out the Mike & Key ARC Nets page.