PSRG Membership Information

Membership in the Puget Sound Repeater Group is easy to acquire, and equally easy to maintain. Key points include:

  • No fee (free will donations gladly accepted)
  • Requires only that you send in:
    • Your name
    • Your callsign
    • Your email address

To apply for membership please fill out this -> signup form.

Your membership is good for 2 years from your registration. The Puget Sound Repeater Group is a non-profit membership organization in the Seattle area for those holding amateur radio licenses. Being a member of the PSRG means you get a vote if you attend our annual general membership meeting, or any other general membership meeting we decide to convene. Members are also invited to participate in board meetings, although only board members vote.

Being a member is not required to use our repeaters, join our events, attend our meetings, or get on the list for our weekly check-in nets.

If you wish to participate in the governance of our organization by becoming a member, you need only to fill out the signup form below with your valid information.  You will then be added to our membership roster and remain until your next renewal date.

As a member, your email address will be added to our low-volume QST list for occasional announcements.  This is also the only way you will be individually notified of upcoming general membership meetings.


We don’t require fees to become a member of the PSRG, but we do need your help to survive. As an amateur radio organization, we have no other way to make money than through your donations of time and money. Our budget includes rent for repeater sites, charges for Internet, purchase of replacement equipment when existing equipment breaks or needs to be upgraded, and new initiatives, such as our 6 meter repeater and remote HF station. The list is long, and the bottom line is that we can’t exist without your help.