(Update on September 3, 2019 – New Talkgroup IDs for Seattle 1/2)

With material help from Randy (W3RWN) and labor from Casey (AE7SL), the Puget Sound Repeater Group has installed its test DMR repeater at Capitol Park.  This repeater is linked to and carries the core PNW-DMR (Pacific NorthWest DMR Group) talkgroups.


For more information on the PNW-DMR network, please visit their website* for details on talkgroups, user technical guidelines, and operating best practices. If you are going to operate DMR in this region, please join the PNW-DMR notification group so you can receive operational notifications and be informed of network changes. If you have not operated DMR before, please take some time to read some of the information for first time users  before keying up.

Also, Bob Stephens AF9W presented “An Introduction to DMR” at the 2019 Annual Meeting. Copies of his slides can be found by clicking the above link.

Finally, the PSRG Wiki includes a link to Tim WT1IM’s DMR Cheet Sheet.

Now the details so you can program your radios:  Our repeater is new so its not in the existing codeplugs which you can download from the PNW-DMR website.

RX 440.775 / TX 445.775 (+5.0)  Color code 2
Callsign WW7PSR
This is a dedicated narrowband (12.5KHz) channel.
DMR Digital transmissions only.

The following talkgroups are supported:

Time slot 1:
Seattle 1 (803153)
Seattle 1 OLD (310477)
Wash 1  (3153)
Local 1  (3181)
PNW 1  (3187)
PS1 (3190)
Parrot (9998) – This is a playback test talkgroup.

Time slot 2:
Seattle 2 (813153)
Seattle 2 OLD (310534)
Wash 2  (103153)
Local 2  (3166)
Tac 1  (8951)
Tac 2  (8952)
Tac 8 (8958)
PNW 2  (103187)
PNWR (31771)
PS2 (103190)
Audio Test (9999)

The Seattle 1 and 2 talkgroups have recently changed talkgroup numbers and the OLD numbers will be phased out soon.  The OLD and new Seattle talkgroups cannot talk to each other so please update to the new talkgroup IDs at your earliest convenience.  See the links below for common codeplugs or simply update your configuration for those channels in your radio.

For the Anytone 878, the new codeplug is available on the Seattle DMR website:

(coming soon – Connect Systems CS800D)

This repeater is a Motorola MTR-3000 operating at 65 watts (2/3rds of its rated power) into a modest gain antenna.  The repeater currently connects to software (HBLink) running on a Raspberry Pi3 that provides the interconnect to the PNW-DMR system via its REX MMDVM gateway.  This is not the final configuration and we are continuing evolve the software configuration for this system.  This ongoing work helps us gain more information to inform our final configuration.

We have been really pleased with the initial coverage reports.  Please let us know how you find the coverage.   Send questions and observations to

*Also please note that PNW-DMR is in the process of moving their web presence to a new hosting site and that some of the URLs referenced above may change in the future.