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Mailing Address

Puget Sound Repeater Group
PO Box 17366
Seattle, WA 98127

Social Media

Facebook: PSRG Discussion Group

Discord: PSRG Discord Server

Board Members

Updated March 2, 2024



Position Call Sign Name Date Elected Term Length
President KD7DK Doug Kingston 2024-02-10 2 years
Vice President KI7RMU Jack Wolfe 2023-02-11 2 years
Board Slot 1  Treasurer           KJ7GLB Jason Nierenberg 2023-02-11 2 years
Board Slot 2  K7DRQ Quentin Caudron 2024-02-10 2 years
Board Slot 3 Secretary K9BDC Brooks Courtright 2023-02-11 2 years
Board Slot 4 Secretary KK7IJZ Rebecca Sharky 2024-02-10 2 years
License Trustee W7UUL Don Abeles n/a Board appointed; no term

Other Positions

Position Call Sign Name/Email
Technical Committee Chair KD7DK Doug
Net Control Manager KI7RMU Jack
Control Operators