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Mailing Address

Puget Sound Repeater Group
PO Box 17366
Seattle, WA 98127

Board Members

Updated March 2, 2022



Position Call Sign Name Date Elected Term Length
President KD7DK Doug Kingston 2024-02-10 2 years
Vice President KI7RMU Jack Wolfe 2023-02-11 2 years
Board Slot 1  Treasurer           KJ7GLB Jason Nierenberg 2023-02-11 2 years
Board Slot 2  K7DRQ Quentin Caudron 2024-02-10 2 years
Board Slot 3 Secretary K9BDC Brooks Courtright 2023-02-11 2 years
Board Slot 4 Secretary KK7IJZ Rebecca Sharky 2024-02-10 2 years
License Trustee W7UUL Don Abeles n/a Board appointed; no term

Other Positions

Position Call Sign Name/Email
Technical Committee Chair KD7DK Doug
Net Control Manager KI7RMU Jack
Control Operators