PSRG AllStar/Echolink

2M AllStar Node Number: 2462

Echolink Node Number: 447770 (WW7PSR-R)

6M AllStar Node Number: 2464

Below is a list of DTMF codes for use with the PSRG repeater.

AllStar Node:

To make an AllStar connection use: *3<node number>, to disconnect: *1<node number>.

Echolink Node:

Echolink connections are made by using *33<node> and disconnected with *13<node>.

For example to link to the WW7SEA repeater (Echolink Node 111001) you would use: *33111001 and to disconnect: *13111001

Also, short Echolink numbers like 9999 and 93225 need to be padded out to 6 digits by adding leading 0’s. Node 9999 needs to be entered as 009999 and 93225 needs to be entered as 093225.

There will be many questions about the system and we encourage members to check out the Web sites below.  There you’ll find the node numbers of the Cities and Countries and other operational procedures.  And remember to pause between transmissions.

IRLP Node:

PSRG no longer supports IRLP.

Current Status:
2020-01-18: Echolink/Allstar operational