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This page begins where our friend, LW, K7LWA left off with his Fun Blog. The Fun Blog was his creation and we don’t want to try to duplicate it. Instead, photos of events will be displayed here. Photos should be submitted to Rich,

Mike & Key Hamfest and Swapmeet


Summer 2019 Sunday Remote 9AM Nets


Field Day and Picnic 2019

Waiting for photos of this event

April 12, 2019 Eastside Eyeball QSO

Mike & Key Swap Meet “Family” Photo

Annual Meeting 2019

Annual Dinner 2019
(Photo Credit: Louie W7DBB)


Antenna Party 9/2018
(Photo Credit: Louie W7DBB)


Remembering LW, K7LWA, SK 6/19/18
Saturday July 21st, 2018

Still looking for photos of this event.

Picnic 2018
(Photo Credit: Louie W7DBB)

Field Day 2018


Annual Dinner 2019
(Photo Credit: Louie W7DBB and ?? –I forgot who gave me the color photos)

Antenna Party 9/2017
(Photo Credit: Louie W7DBB)