Bands, Frequencies and Tones

2 Meters The main PSRG 2-meter analog repeater is on 146.96 MHz with an offset of -0.600 MHz and a tone of 103.5 Hz. The repeater is enhanced by a Voting System as explained here.

6 Meters A new 6-meter analog repeater came online in August 2021. The repeater is on 52.87 MHz with an offset of -1.700 Mhz (input is 51.17 MHz) and a tone of 103.5 Hz. It’s Allstar node number is 2464. This repeater also has a voter scope: 6M Voter Scope.

The 6-meter repeater will be linked to the 2-meter repeater on Mondays for the 7 pm ACS net and the 7:30 pm PSRG information and check-in net.

70 CM DMR PSRG also has a 70-centimeter DMR Repeater on 440.775 MHz with an offset of +5.0 MHz, Color code 2. This is a dedicated narrowband (12.5KHz) channel. DMR Digital transmissions only. Details can be found here.