Emergency Operation

Emergency Operation – During commercial power outages the main repeater switches to battery operation, output power is reduced from 75 to 25 watts, and the usual “beep” courtesy tone is replaced by a “B” in Morse code. When this occurs please help us preserve battery life by limiting your transmissions to priority communication. Regular nets will psrg-logotypically be canceled or significantly abbreviated, but scheduled net control operators should monitor the repeater during their assigned net times to minimize non-priority use and to handle priority traffic, if any. During battery operation, members are asked to gently remind users who may not be aware of this policy to limit informal use of the repeater until normal power is restored.

If there is an emergency impacting the city of Seattle, the repeater may be reserved for use by the Seattle Auxiliary Communication Service. Please listen carefully to ensure the repeater is not carrying an emergency net before transmitting.