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Founded in 1972, the Puget Sound Repeater Group has been serving hams in the area for fifty years and counting. In 2022, we celebrated our golden jubilee.

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Repeater Reservation for Holiday Cruise Dec. 3

The PSRG repeater system will be reserved on December 3 from 1400 to 1800 for the Emergency Management Group-Washington (EMGWA) Holiday Cruise. This time slot does not interfere with any of our net activity and we have a long history of support for this program and it has been approved once again for this year.

Ron Zuber N4RDZ will act as net control at South Lake Union.  If you are interested in getting involved, contact Lisa Courneya at:

Information about EMGWA can be found at


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PSRG Board Meeting December 9

The next PSRG Board meeting is on December 9 at 1:30 PM on Zoom. As always, everyone is invited to attend, regardless whether you are a member, and comments are welcome, but only Board members are able to vote.

Zoom link: PSRG Board Meeting

Meeting ID: 885 2195 0455
Passcode: 698025

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November PSRG Educational Meeting video: Development of the MMDVM and the Modes that it Supports

UPDATE The PSRG Educational meeting held on November 18 was recorded and is available for viewing on the Educational Presentations page.

The program was given by Jonathan G4KLX, a core contributor to MMDVM and the mind (and coder) behind MMDVM Host. MMDVM stands for Multi Mode Digital Voice Modem, and it’s an open-source framework (both hardware and software) that serves as a gateway to DMR, DSTAR, YSF, P25, and NXDN, all in one place. The program will cover the digital voice modes that the MMDVM supports and the strengths and weaknesses of each. Each mode brings something special to the table and this usually has to be handled by the MMDVM to make maximum use of them.


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Registration for the Remote HF Station

The PSRG Remote HF Station is ready! If you are a PSRG member, hold a valid FCC Amateur Radio License, and are interested in obtaining credentials to use the station, please fill out this FORM. (To register as a member  of PSRG, click Membership/Join on the menu at the top of this page–even if you already consider yourself a member.)

Once submitted, a member of the PSRG Remote HF Station Admin team will reach out to you with instructions on how to get logged in and start operating.

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Board Policy on Site Accessibility

Although we are currently reviewing the site to make it as accessible as possible, it is hard for those without particular limitations to anticipate what problems users might have in accessing parts of the site. If you notice something that could be an obstacle, please let us know. Contact

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Board Policy on Gatherings

In light of the uncertainty about when large group gatherings will be safe again, it is not a good use of volunteer time to plan for our normal events. Board Meetings and Educational Meetings will be held online until further notice. (This policy was renewed at the August 14, 2021 board meeting.)

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Send Us Your Photos!

We have added a Photo Gallery page to the website. We are seeking photos of PSRG events beginning with 2018 Field Day, especially the Annual Dinner, Annual Meeting and 2018 Picnic. If you have photos to submit, email them to (Note, if you have trouble sending them, email Rich for help.)

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