Annual Picnic

The Annual Picnic will be Saturday, July 9th

We will be at the usual place in Magnolia Park.  Tentative start time is noon (time to be confirmed, date is set on Sat, 7/9).  picnic1_thumbThe Annual Picnic is a purely social event, and everyone is encouraged to attend. The PSRG provides ice cream, soda pop, and last year provided hot dogs and buns for the occasion, and Magnolia park has barbecue facilities, so bring your grillables!

For additional questions please contact Tyler AF7BO.





2010: Annual Picnic: July 10, 2010. Woodland Park; 12noon-dark, Shelters 4 & 5

2009: Annual Picnic: July 11, 2009. Magnolia Park; 12 noon until it ends; at 2:00 P.M. licensing exam.

2008: Annual Picnic: July 12, 2008. Magnolia Park; 12 noon until it ends; about 60 people showed. Great time.

2007: Annual Picnic: July 14, 2007. Seattle’s Woodland Park, Shelter #7, 12 noon until it ends.

2006: Due to getting beat out for Magnolia Park by a couple of weddings, we had to move the picnic. This year’s picnic will be at Woodland Park, Shelter 4. The date will be July 8, from noon ’til death. Hopefully, this will be the only year we will have to do this.